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1999 Established the ‘Health Village’ and its branch office in the U.S.
2000 Acquired ISO 9001 for Hwang Sung Joo’s Raw Food
2001 Opened the International Cancer and Immunity Seminar, established a branch office in Beijing for Erom China, recognized as a “Million Dollar Export Company”
2002 Safety recognition by the FDA as a research facility, received Consumer’s Choice Award by the Korean Economic Times
2003 Awarded the “Three-Million Dollar Export Company Award” received KMAC’s Highest Marketing Award
2005 Changed name from ‘Health Village’ to ‘Erom’ received an INNO-BIZ certificate
2006 Opened The International Seminar for Cancer Immunology Methods
2007 Received Certification for Space Food
2008 Completed construction of Manufacturing Plant at Chuncheon
2009 Entered the Wellbeing Market with Soymilk
2010 Received GMP certification for the Chuncheon manufacturing plant
2014 Launched Erom’s Bio R&D Park
2016 Received HACCP, recognized as a Family-friendly, received award for ‘Best Companies to Work at’
2017 Recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Power Brands in Agriculture’, received ‘Female Friendly Workplace’ award ‘Ethical Award’
2018 Established Erom Wellcare in India
2019 Launched Erom Ionizers (4000, 4000s) in India
2020 Established Erom Wellcare in Korea